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Private help for Eating Difficulties & Disorders in Leeds &
Yorkshire for adults and children from 13 years old.

Private Eating Disorder Clinic Leeds, UK.

Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, Insight Eating uniquely combines psychology and nutrition to offer high quality, comprehensive assessment and treatment for all forms of eating problems, difficulties & disorders to people in the local area and throughout the UK.

Our consultants are experts in their field with many years experience who are able to draw on a wide range of therapeutic interventions, and approaches to suit individual needs.

The philosophy at Insight Eating is that all clients are unique and will be treated with respect and dignity. The general goal of therapy is that we work collaboratively to help people develop a healthier relationship with themselves, their body and food.

We know from research and experience poor eating habits are not just about food and weight. We will listen carefully to what you tell us, support you in guided discovery towards solutions and work at a pace of change that suits you best.

Are you encountering Weight Management issues? If so, click here to visit our specialist Weight Management website.

At Insight Eating we specialise in assessing and treating:

trusted by hundreds of clients for more than 5 years

  • NICE Guidance 2017 compliant; Guided Self Help, CBT-E, MANTRA
  • Use of technology in treatments to link you to your clinician when you need them: recovery apps, Skype, Email and text support
  • Over 50+ years of experience in treating eating disorders and eating difficulties
  • We publish and present regularly both nationally and Internationally
  • We hold significant national positions : members of NICE guidance Development Group, Clinical Advisory Group NHS England, Quality Standards in eating Disorders, MARZIPAN guidance, UK Trauma Board, UK Athletics
  • We supervise Dieticians and psychologists new to practice
  • We supervise Dietitians and psychologists new to practice
  • We train other health care professionals in the field of Eating Disorders

Let us help you change your life and circumstances, breath again, and remove the shackles of your condition. Our experienced team will help you navigate your recovery.

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