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Specialist help for eating difficulties and health problems.

InsightEating and InsightHealth: Online Therapy Available

We are continuing to provide support via online therapy and the Insight Team are taking new referrals. Please use the contact form on this website to register your interest.

Since the Covid 19 Pandemic we have been able to meet the increasing demand for access to highly specialist assessments and treatments in eating disorders and for people with a range of health problems (both mental and physical health).  We support a holistic approach when working with both physical and mental health.

We now embrace a range of different ways to support access to specialist help via face to face (range of bases available) and digital options. We utilise app technologies to support self-monitoring and learning at home supported by online resources.


InsightEating & InsightHealth is a leading national  independent provider of  experts providing access to specialist assessment and treatment; supervision and consultation. Consultants are also available for commissioned NHS and Corporate bespoke work streams, events and workshops.

Clinically we offer expert, evidence-based assessments, treatments, for adults and children with a range of specialisms including, eating problems (anorexia nervosa; bulimia nervosa; binge eating disorder, OSFED and ARFID), trauma,  autism spectrum conditions and a range of mental and physical health problems, (such as: depression, anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, BDD, PTSD, self esteem, stress, complex emotional needs/ personality disorder, long term conditions and persistent physical symptoms). Our approach is integrative and holistic and we openly consider the impact of gender identity, culture and faith and links with the individuals unique symptoms; and difficulties. 

Qualified and accredited Healthcare Professionals

Our consultants are experts in their field with many years experience and work in a trauma informed way and are able to draw on a wide range of therapeutic interventions, and approaches to suit individual needs and can provide consultations, supervision and teaching.


The philosophy at Insight Eating & Insight Health is that all clients are unique and will be treated with respect and dignity. The general goal of therapy is to draw on an individual's life story and current difficulties to form a formulation and plan to enable people to develop a healthier relationship with themselves, their body and others.

We listen carefully and support people with where they are at, we work at a collaborative rate of change, pacing and grading  recovery to ensure mind and body are fully linked and integrated with recovery.



Qualified and accredited Healthcare Professionals

Clinical Psychology / Cognitive behavioural Therapists / Counsellors / Psychology Assistants / Consultant Nurse / Psychotherapists / Group Analysts / Advanced Practitioners in Dietetics / Occupational Therapists / Physiotherapists / Consultant Psychiatrists 


We are currently recruiting Associates and Assistant Clinical Psychologists!


The Consultants accept requests for NHS and corporate organisations which require their uniques skills and experience.   


At InsightEating & InsightHealth our philosophy is that all clients and families are unique and will be treated with respect and dignity. We work collaboratively with our clients and agree a shared understanding of the problem, how difficulties develop and are maintained.


We aim to explore individual value based goals.

Let us help you change your life and circumstances, breath again, and remove the shackles of your condition. Our experienced team will help you navigate your recovery.

Trusted by hundreds of clients for more than 10 years

  • NICE Guidance 2017 compliant; Guided Self Help, CBT-E, MANTRA
  • Online virtual consultation and therapy sessions using a variety of remote working tools based on need
  • Over 50+ years of experience in treating eating disorders and eating difficulties
  • Leading research in a number of highly acclaimed academic journals and national guidance
  • We hold significant national positions including members of NICE Guidance Development Group, Clinical Advisory Group NHS England, Quality Standards in Eating Disorders, MARZIPAN Guidance, UK Trauma Board, UK Athletics
  • Commissioned to deliver bespoke specialist NHS eating disorder projects and pilots
  • Partnership working with Transitions, a digital platform for guided self-help for people with eating difficulties
  • Expertise and experience in training and supervision for health professionals